Playing -io - game
Developer(s)Yangcheng Liu
Platforms(s)PC, Mobile
Genre(s).IO Games
Release Date2018-03-14
Play on Google PlayPlay on App Store Review is part of the battle royale .io games genre which are .io games that are inspired by games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG. Players start the game parachuting off a plane and gliding to their choice of landing. 100 players have to survive against each other. If you get eliminated, you lose the entire round. Do whatever it takes to win, scavenge equipment dropped by players and equipment hidden inside breakable boxes. Find legendary weapons and gear and use them to dominate your enemies. Traverse dangerous areas before the red zone (radiation) kills you. Everyone must keep moving towards the center of the map! has a variety of game modes that you can play like Solo Mode, Duo Mode, Squad Mode, and Mystery Mode. Log into your account to keep track of your stats, and compete in the current season with a Battle Pass. Unlock Experience Boosters, Gems, Emotes, and even rare Outfits!

Latest Notes is heading into season 10! Millions of players from around the world are playing, and integrating their discord perks in the game. Tags