Playing -io - game
Developer(s)Justin Kim and Nick Clark
Publisher(s) LLC
Platforms(s)PC, Mobile
Genre(s).IO Games
Release Date2017-10-06
Play on Google PlayPlay on App Store Review is one of the most popular battle royale .io games of 2019. Like other battle royale .io games, is inspired by Fortnite, H1Z1, PUBG, and Apex Legends. Players spawn randomly throughout the map, and have to eliminate each other. The last man standing gets the chicken dinner for placing number one. Break boxes and items to find basic equipment for survival like vests, weapons, helmets, and health consumables. Explore beaches, military bases, homes, and harbors to find stronger equipment. There are even secret doors that can only be unlocked by decrypting the special code which the community loves to solve. Use a variety of weapons like pistols, shotguns, assault rifles etc. to decimate your opponents! Modes

The parma scientists have been experimenting with the potatoes and will frequently release new content and modes. Players play Solo Mode, Duo Mode, or Squad Mode. Make your own teams with your friends and compete against players from all over the world, and watch featured Youtube and Twitch streamers. rotates games modes regularly. Some game modes, make legendary weapons spawn more commonly. Character perks are constantly being updated and refined. The development team loves to release new assets and even new weapons like the super powerful potato cannon! With such a diverse set of weapons and perks, players can develop their own strategies to win the royale.

Developer Notes

The team is planning a major patch release in September to improve event mode rotation, and cities are being brought into the game! Stay tuned for a huge update to!

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