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Genre(s).IO Games
Release Date2019-03-11 is a mech shooter .io game. Players start the match as a fully-equipped mech. Players can use a canon, shotgun, and even a grenade launcher to lower their enemies hp to eliminate them. Players also start off with a base shield to absorb damage. Move around barricades to tank enemy fire.

Players can log into the chat to start chatting in real-time to other players in the lobby. Create a party to play with your friends.

Play unblocked here at Destroygames. Tags

  • bot
  • bots
  • botbattles
  • mech
  • robots
  • lasers
  • cannon
  • shield
  • dodge
  • walls
  • grenade
  • launcher
  • arena
  • combat
  • weapon
  • health