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      After sales service plan and training

      In the spirit of high quality, high efficiency and development, with high-quality products, reasonable prices and considerate service concept, Vaughn Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. makes a solemn commitment to you openly and responsibly as follows:

      01Installation and training services

      Our company will send professional after-sales service engineers to install the equipment, and relevant personnel can skillfully use, maintain and prevent the equipment after commissioning, so as to provide one-stop perfect service.

      02Warranty period and charges

      The warranty period of the equipment is one year from the date of qualified installation and commissioning. During this period, if the equipment is not caused by human fault, our company will replace its spare parts free of charge (except for consumables due normally); provide lifelong maintenance of the equipment, and only charge the cost price of spare parts for preferential supply.

      03Maintenance schedule and after-sales service call

      In order to ensure the good operation of the user's pure water system and protect the user's investment, the company promises to respond to all faults declared by the user within one hour and provide timely and effective guarantee services, and arrive at the user within 24 hours outside the province Field handling failure. During the warranty period, all expenses incurred due to the reason of the instrument itself shall be borne by our company (except for consumables due normally). Headquarters 24-hour after-sales service hotline: 18108447378

      04Service plan

      1、In order to facilitate the tracking service for customers, the company shall establish detailed computer files for all customers, and make historical records for all relevant data of customers' equipment, so as to ensure to remind the after-sales service department of equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and consumable replacement regularly Remind and other services, and regularly conduct daily return visit and Usage Survey for users.
      2、"Preventive maintenance" type of after-sales service: the company has a special after-sales service department. No matter within or after the warranty period, the sold equipment will be provided with free door-to-door maintenance for life, so that the equipment will be maintained regularly, instead of repairing the equipment when the failure is declared.
      3、The company's after-sales service headquarters has a special technical support engineer, who is responsible for the consultation of customers' technical problems, giving timely replies, and ensuring a long-term and good technical exchange and cooperation relationship with users.

      05Free personnel training

      1、Training time: in combination with the stages of application equipment installation, commissioning, trial operation and final acceptance, the training shall be carried out weekly
      2、”Training content: equipment installation, debugging, operation and use, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc
      3、Training method: face to face, combined with equipment and training materials
      4、Training place: equipment use site or installation by the purchaser, centralized training
      5、Teaching staff: Watson professional after-sales service engineer
      6、Training level: trainees can master the training content skillfully
      7、Number of trainees: 1-3 / set or designated by the user
      8、Training fee: Free