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    4. Changsha Vaughn Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

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      Fine chemical industry is a new field in the chemical industry today, involving a wide range of fields. Fine chemical products include roughly 11 categories: pesticides, dyes, paints, pigments, kits of high purity, information chemicals, food and feed additives, bonding Agents, catalysts and various additives, chemical drugs (raw materials) and daily chemicals, high-molecular polymers (including functional films and polarizing materials, etc.) produced by the chemical system, with the development of the economy, the development and involvement of the industry The field will continue to expand, ultrapure water is one of the essential production water in the fine chemical industry.

      General process flow of ultrapure water system:
      1. Ion exchange process
      Raw water-> raw water booster pump-> pretreatment system-> precision filter-> cation resin filter bed-> anion resin filter bed-> yin and yang resin mixed bed-> microporous filter-> water point

      2. Reverse osmosis process
      Raw water-> raw water booster pump-> pretreatment system-> precision filter-> reverse osmosis system-> purified water tank-> pure water pump-> microporous filter-> water point

      3. EDI method:
      Raw water-> raw water booster pump-> pretreatment system-> precision filter-> two-stage reverse osmosis system-> intermediate water pump-> EDI system-> polishing mixed bed-> microporous filter-> water point

      3D simulation design and installation simulation site

      When designing the system, we generally construct the details of the ultrapure water system through a three-dimensional simulation installation mode, considering the convenience of system maintenance and consumable replacement in advance, the system is modularized and standardized, and the system designed by Vaughan Environmental Protection has a high Stability and scalability, easy to maintain and manage.

      Installation process
      Before leaving the factory, we must complete the test of various indicators of the system, pre-test the control system, pipeline system, hydrodynamic system, etc. After the indicators are qualified, they can be shipped to the site for installation, and the site construction is carried out according to the construction drawings. The process remains the same, and the entire system is tested after the installation is complete.

      general Service
      1. FAT acceptance test
      Provide detailed FAT factory acceptance test report.
      2. Related training services
      System operation management, daily operation management standard mechanism, etc.
      3. After-sales service
      (1) Quick response service for customer problem feedback, put forward solutions in 30 minutes, and arrive at the site for free repair within 24 hours at the fastest
      (2) 7X24 hours free consultation service for life
      (3) Free follow-up guidance for life, reminder service for replacement of equipment consumables