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      Application of ultrapure water equipment in industrial production

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      In all industrial production, water is an important industrial raw material used directly or indirectly. The degree of influence of water quality on industrial production is increasingly valued. The purity of water directly affects product quality, product yield and production cost. The dependence of industrial production on water quality The degree is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the quality of the ultrapure water equipment itself will directly affect the quality of the pure water, and then affect the products produced. Therefore, the ultrapure water equipment is very important in the production of industrial water.

      In the process of producing electronic components, ultrapure water is mainly used for cleaning and liquid distribution. Different product requirements, technological processes and end uses have different requirements for water quality. For example, in the capacitor, if there are chloride ions in the water quality, then there will be a risk of leakage. In the production of electronic tubes, if impurities are mixed in water, it will affect the emission of electrons, which will affect the amplification performance and life of the electronic tubes, and will have a significant impact on industrial production.

      In industrial production, free inorganic acids in water will corrode metal materials and affect the adjustment of PH value. If the alkalinity is not up to standard, it will cause foaming in the boiler water and make it coexist with steam and water, which will cause carbon dioxide in the steam, cause corrosion, and increase the PH value in the water. The water contains iron, which will generate precipitation of iron compounds, causing pollution, discoloring during dyeing, papermaking, chemical fiber products and cathode ray tubes, causing coloring (yellow or brown) and spots, and generating deposits in the piping system and boilers, so that Reduced efficiency. The water contains copper, which is harmful to the human body when the quantity is large. When coexisting with the oxidant, it can be used as a catalyst to promote oxidation and cause local corrosion of the metal.

      Ultra-pure water equipment has very important practical application value in industrial production. Hetai full range of ultra-pure water equipment can help users thoroughly filter harmful substances and prepare ultra-pure water that meets production conditions to ensure stable product quality.